There is a group of friends that I have. I tend to call them The Crew. I have known a few of them for years. I have known a few of them for decades. I love to know that I have someone who is there for me when things are going great. I also know that they will bring be back to earth when things are going in a crazy direction. I have made it a point this year to really make some time to chat and visit with them.

It is funny as I had a friend who I have not talked with for a few months but, when I got back on the phone with her, it was like we had just talked yesterday. I love those moments. Just to be yourself and figure out the meaning of life. I challenge you to make it a point to make sure you have that support system. I am not saying have a ton of friends. I am saying that the ones that you choose to have be in that amazing circle that you can call your Crew.. then you will be amazed at how much more you will smile. Put that on your calendar!