Have you ever just sat and watched a text that you just sent and wondered if the person is really going to reply? Have you wondered how the information will be received? It is amazing to me on how many assignments get discarded to the trash and spam pile before they even hit the reply stage. Even if the assignment is nothing that you would not be interested in, the networking might be priceless. You never know if maybe you can refer someone who would be a great fit. If you are not even interested in the party that is looking to book you, it is nice to just kindly reply. This will one keep your name out there, but two if they have an assignment that you would be a better fit for, you will be the first one that they would ask again.

Make the call. When you have sent an email or a text.. if you are awaiting for some pertinent information, make the call. I am one who has to have my information that is booked in black and white. I feel that if it is agreed in a verbal communication then things can be rearranged once the shoot is in place. With that being said, I do think that a verbal communication in any case concretes the shoot and adds that professional touch. Call the day or two before an confirm the shoot, Make sure you have all of the details in place so you know what last minute items or adjustments need to be made. Call or text the morning of, making sure that you are not making the other party wait.

Be professional. You never know who might be calling you.