When is age really a number? You hear the number on when you are supposed to retire, when you are supposed to get married, when you are supposed to have kids?  How is that number factored into your life? I find that I wonder if this really a number that needs to stick.  

I got to work with some amazing photographers who captured the beginnings of my modeling over 25+ years ago. I am still lucky to basically look the same give or take a few extra pounds… due to some ongoing medical issues.

I don’t think that the time is over to hang up the modeling career. I have helped a lot of new models with making their modeling a business. I think that I can be picky as I just don’t want to take on just any assignment. I want to make some great images. The theme list goes on and on.

I think that unless someone or something prohibits you from going further in something, you have to do things for yourself. You have to be happy and enjoy the moments that you have to cherish. Make the memories and if they are able to be captured on film, even better.