Did I just hit delete? Use the white out? Take someone out of the friends’ realm for good? They say that when you get older, you get wiser. With the connection with social media, you can literally find about anyone you wanted to know. And then some you wanted to forget. I wanted to forgive the few in the past who had as I felt wronged me ad made the emotional scar. I then wanted to see who all was out there that I had missed.

Used to be that there was more snail mail. Fan clubs and pen pal letters that would happen. I was super excited to check the mail and see if I had gotten anything! The best thing was when you had a few to respond to. You wanted your handwriting to be perfect. And then there were the stickers! Had to have at least one on there for your letter to stand out right?
I never wanted some of the friendships to happen or end the way that they did. They just happened. I can’t change what was said or what actions were done. It just never seemed to make sense on how two people could be that capable of hurting each other that much!

Guess you can hit delete, use white out, and hope that any pain of a memory can go away. You hope you have learned. The scar is there but, the perception might change on the instances that ended it all.