I have to say that the last few weeks have been a little nuts. I have not been offline per say but, I have been trying to make sure that I can do some time management issues. I have been working on getting some shoots lined up for the New Year. I am happy to say that I have about 12 lined up and just need to get some dates penciled in. Everyone has been so nice in being patient with me during this medical year. I am over being at the doctor’s office and figuring out what is wrong. It is annoying to say the least.

Today I laughed a little as my CC got compromised. I laugh not because it got used in another state, I laughed because it got used at a Government facility. Someone was trying to use it to get their business started. Not the regular buying a TV or a computer. The state of IL got called and I talked with a nice person who knew exactly who it was and told me that they would handle it. Karma.