I have to ponder this on occasion. I sit and watch the old episodes of Sex in the City. Watching four friends who go through everything together is somewhat appealing. You always have your core group of friends around you. You know who they are. They are the ride or die ones who will not only have your back but, they will have your bail money as well.

With all of the politics, debates, protests, and whatever else you can think of, no wonder that people get soo overloaded into the information. I see posts on where they are bashing or getting bashed for what they believe in. I guess this is such a shame and would hate for a friendship to die just because that someone did not agree on what someone else has in mind. To me, if that happens then the relationship was too fragile to begin with.

I have a range of friends. They vary in age and degrees. They find that they don’t really have anything to prove. I don’t expect them to. Everyone has their opinions and beliefs. That is what I think makes our group cool.

It actually goes back to modeling. If everyone shot the same and did their business the same, then what would be the point in having a portfolio full of different images? The end user for the image is the one who is and should be the most concerned on whether the shoot was a success. If you are just out there to be out there, then that is one thing. If you are making a piece that will be published, promoted, ad marketed, you better make sure that the concept is perfectly executed. All images and shoots are not alike. They never will be. And then with that the journey continues.