I had an instance, I won’t name names but, this situation was one of them where I wanted to click my heels and get the hell out of it. As a model, you get fans and those who think that you are available. I will tell you right now I am not. And dating someone in the industry can be such a PIA. Can we say jealous much? Anyways back to my story. Let’s just say the flirt was on. Texts had been sent but, then the actions never came to fruition. Someone got jealous and then another relationship went on the line. And no this was not mine. Seriously, I was shaking my head as this person knew he was playing with fire and kept at it. Not only with me but, with others. I guess I played the game and I played it to win. Consequences are always something to consider.

Close call. When I see models who are booking shoots and not really paying attention. They take matters into their own hands. They do not check references. They don’t care about the images but, that they are thought of as models. Otherwise known as Goddesses? When I hear that someone is grilling a photog, I wonder honestly if they are asking the right questions. Some people get real defensive when they feel as if their character is being attacked. Too many close calls in this industry. Some of them could have been avoided if the ego was out of the way.