Masquerade Balls are amazing. You have the ball gowns, the red carpet. But of course you have the masks. Life is soo much easier when you don’t have to face reality. People pretend to be who they want to be, they are the most popular, handsome, gorgeous, people that you would want to be.

I think that is why some of the reality TV shows are that popular as you want to either be in the show or know that your life is not that filled with all of that drama. It is a grand charade. Even the ones that they say are unscripted…well you would not watch them if they looked like every day people going about their lives and everything was again normal. There has to be the added suspense and drama.

Modeling sometimes takes it to a new level. Photographers who are shooting what they don’t want anyone else to know. Models the same way…as they want to preserve the innocence that they have given to their family members. ( I can’t tell you how many models have done nudes who would die if their families knew! ) The repercussions of the charade can be intense and also can affect not only the model, photographer, and those involved. If you are going to try to be included in the dance. You better know the steps. Also what to do if you happen to fall.