If you can take the chance, would you? One of my friends has the chance to make a major change. I get to sit on the sidelines and be thrilled to see her take this opportunity. It is one scary as you never know what will happen. Then you have the moment of second guessing yourself, wondering if you made the right choice. Another close friend is getting married this summer. She has been in a relationship that is really like a fairy tale. It is a chance of a life time.

When being a model you take lots of chances. You wonder if you are putting the right images in your portfolio. You also wonder on what images you should or could be taking. You also wonder about any repercussions on it all. It all comes down to what chances you are willing to take.This year I want to not only challenge myself but, challenge each model, stylist, and photographer to take those chances. To make those amazing images, to capture that moment. Will you be the one to take that chance?? xoxo