I don’t see how many get or keep any assignments with just throwing them together. There is a process of figuring out what concepts are needed, makeup, wardrobe, and even the location. Then you have to get the dates, times, and others involved if needed. There is a lot of work that takes place to get a shoot off of the ground and in the books so to speak. I love the people who can throw them together and it all work out. This to me has never been a way for me to book my shoots, so please understand that I have a booking outline that I follow. I am usually booking months in advance. I also am usually booking four to ten shoots at a time. If you are interested in booking me for an assignment, please fill out the pertinent information and we can go from there. If you do not allow a safety consultant on you set or have any references, please do not submit information for a shoot as it will be immediately declined. Thanks in advance.