I have been a model in this business for about 27 or 28 years. The issues that I have had lately with people trying to book me and other models is appalling. We are not wanting to date you. Taking our clothes of and have you seem to visually rate us is degrading. Having to ask the same pertinent questions over and over is more time consuming. It is easier to block and delete you.
The other issue is the models who are just doing it so they can call themselves a “model.” No being a model is not just showing up and posing in front of a camera. If you think that then, please get out of being in the modeling business. You should not be here. There is way too much to do before, during, and after a shoot that always needs to happen. With you ignoring all of this…it is just frustrating to the photographer, stylists, and other models.

Try not to stick your foot in your mouth. Try not to ask for things that would not be representative of the booking of a shoot. You do not need to know relationship status. You do not need to know a lot of stuff that does not pertain to the shoot. Small talk is one thing. Asking invasive questions is another. It is time to again raise the bar and not just educate but instill the practical practices to make modeling a business.