I have one very interesting pet peeve in the modeling business. One is follow through. The other pet peeve that I have found is that models will take an image from a photographer and manipulate it with some gawd awful filter. Then they show it on every social media platform. The image looks like crap and is nothing like the original image that usually has already been edited!

I have also seen this on a photographer’s side as they have edited images that I have seen shot and they make the model not even look like herself. I think there is a fine line of making little blemished disappear. There is another line of when you are making her into a D cup when she is really and A. Please talk about this before your shoot. Communication is everything. You can have one shoot and this happen and the two of you will never work together again. It doesn’t always have to be a notation in being in the modeling industry that you just have to work with a photographer or model once. That is up to you. Make that rapport. Make and get that respect. Time to walk your own runway and stop replying on beginners luck.