OMG. I have not been on here much and I am sorry about that! I had surgery last month and I am not sure that I got back on a schedule. I used to have better track of my time. this time I have let it slip away and things have fallen through the cracks. I am hoping to have things back on track for July at least!

I wanted to thank all of the positive people who have been very patient with me these last few weeks. I would not have been able to do all of this without them. I am excited to see what new images, companies, photogs, and models that I will be able to work with in the near future will be.

With that being said, I am booking parts of July, August, and September. If you are in the Atlanta area, please let me know what concept and dates you might be looking for. I am excited to hear back from you!

I promise to post more often and am working to get some new images up here shortly. Thanks again 🙂