Lately all you hear about is the news about someone else saying that something happened. People are coming out of the woodwork to say that they have been grouped, raped, molested…and more. I agree that the person who is being accused should be called out but, I also think that it needs to be in a timely manner. If you are coming out after someone after a decade.. I don’t see how many of the men and women can recall or recant after that period of time. The issues need to be addressed in the present. Now with the news… it is being more fluid than ever.

The issue that I have with models calling out photographers is that it needs to me be more than one model that has this behavior that is done from a photographer. Reason being as everyone knows, sometimes you just don’t click with a photographer. I have had several that I wasn’t uncomfortable with or they did anything but, they were not on their best behavior. I had one who took great images but, he kept reminding me that his wife was not home and took of his wedding ring. This was of course not appealing to me. We ended the shoot and I went on my way.

The other situation that comes to mind is that some models will do this as a vendetta against a photographer. They all gang up on one and either want to hog them for themselves or ruin them. The debate continues on what to do about this.