I remember when I was first getting into modeling. It was who was new, who had a great look and who could work the crowd for the product. I was doing a lot of trade shows then. The thing was that I wasn’t always the look for the assignment. The thing that sold them on using me for that assignment was that I wanted to give to the various passers by to the booth more than just the swag that we had on the table.  I wanted to give them some ROI on the booth itself.

I would ask them about their company, what they were trying to sell, what their brand was. This would be so I could answer simple questions for the company when asked. Yes, I might have been fashioned to be in a formal gown but, then I would also know the basic knowledge of the company. It was a learning experience.

When I see models that are posting for work and then they get mad about not being picked, I hope that they keep trying for those positions. As you never know when they will be picked up for that client that they are wanting to represent. You just have to accept that you might not be the look for them at that moment. Moments change.