There are really never enough hours in the day. With the month of January almost half way over, I wonder what the later half will bring? I do have several shoots booked with some of my favorite photogs. I am looking forward to getting some more new images up as well. From working hopefully with Ed, Max, Jasmine, Dani, Scott, Donna, James, and Joe! There are soo many people that I would love to work with so stay tuned!

I wish that there was a way that I would be able to make more road trips. With the costs that are incurred with travel, I have to limit where I can go and who I can work with. I am unable to work out of state for any TFP shoots. I am sorry about that. If you can make arrangements on other paying shoots for me while I am in the area, there might be something that can be worked out. If you have any questions, please let me know.