Models flirt. Photographers flirt. It happens. Now where is goes from there, it can cross the line or it cannot. It just depends on how each situation happens and transpires. I call it like the Coyote Ugly effect. You seem available but, then you are not available. The thing is that most people ask about personal information and it is not always the best thing to be telling them everything about you.

This is like when you are not supposed to post all of those pics when you are away and tagging all of your family. I see all of the personal information that is posted. I probably know more about some people than I really should. Some of it is very cute, but the drama of it all, I wish I would just be able to delete.

The holidays are notorious for the flirt. No matter who says it, it is the time that we love to get gifts. No matter who you are, I can’t see what anyone would turn down a present. Just no reason to. And let’s be honest. If someone sends you something, are you really going to send it back?

I love the Amazon and other Wish Lists. I have to admit after being in the business for over 25 years, I have had my share of bad gifts. I hated to say that I liked them but, they were just not my style, size, or even something that I would remotely want. Hence then came the Wish List. Then I knew that I could ask for the things that I knew that I would not be able to afford. The word WISH yes, that was real. I tended to get the simple gifts at first and then I would get the ones that I really was not expecting. I have to thank those who have made that journey fun. And I wonder what I might be sent this year as I did not put up a list this year or the year past. A box with a bow? Hum.