I have two friends getting married this year. This is always fun for me as I love seeing what they do as for the themes and what not. I also love that it is not me planning and it is all on them. The shopping for the dress, the venue, the food, and the ceremony specifics. It is just magical on how all of that comes into one day.

I guess I think the same way about the shoots that I do. Everyone is very different. The style or the theme can always change or be changed. The fact that I get to have them captured and then see the end result is always fun. You can be anything with the new clothes, hair, makeup, and setting. Just have to realize that there is much prep work that has to be done to accomplish all of that.

The booking outline is where that comes in for me. I can’t stand going back and forth in many messages for this to happen. Too many things can go wrong or be overlooked. If you can fill out a simple outline and sign off on that- then the shoot can happen. Other than that, I am wasting time. And no one wants that to happen, right?