I have not been ignoring anyone I promise. I have been busy with dealing with certain situations. Some of them are and will remain out of my control. That is one thing that is very hard to deal with when you are trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel but, all you seem to find is the ten-foot-deep pothole that you land in. I get aggravated when you are working towards a solution but, the person that you might think that you are trying to help just honestly doesn’t want it or need it. If you are going to be into the drama, bringing everyone into it, and making it a focal point of the environment, then you need to figure yourself out quick as no one is going to want to be around all the negativity.

I find this common in the modeling industry. There are the new models who think that they know everything and everyone. They want to be at the top of their game but, usually after year two or three, they find themselves lumped in with the masses. It is sad to think that some people don’t ask for advice even it is would help them. I guess that is going back to a guy who would be asking for directions?? You don’t see that happen very often.