Earbuds in! I am super excited that I have gotten a pair of earbuds for the holidays from my company white elephant party. It is nice to tune things and people out. You just don’t have to care. You just can tune things out. The less you hear the less people can say things that are trying to hurt you. It is the most empowering moment.

The other thing is that you really need to unplug from the world. No texts, no phone calls, no emails. No nothing. I think that I try to do that at least two days a month. I just don’t let anything get attended to unless it has to.

The other wonderful addition to my phone is the Calm app. I know that you have seen the ads on the TV and for 15 seconds they want you to just listen to the rain. It is peaceful. But then it really does make you think about what you are missing out for those 15 seconds. I hate that there is a FOMO feeling on things. I think if they are that important, you would then attend to them in the order that makes sense to you.  From the beach sounds to the sounds of just a clock. It is nice to unplug and just be done with things. Time to relax.