Being patient and learning to listen. A lot of people will have their opinions and that is just their opinions. They do not look at the whole picture or gather information to make their case. It is purely emotional and not factual. People just need to learn to listen. When you learn to listen, you can learn a lot about a situation and about the people that are speaking.

I was recently in a conversation and I heard what I call “rumors” about a situation. I was listening but also processing the information that was being given to me. Once I had listened to all of the information. I went to the center of the “rumors” and asked the question on which I got the other side of the story. That was really helpful as that led me to make the informed decision.

If I had not listened to the plethora of information that was given to me, I would have never figured out what would have been the best course of action for me to follow. We can jump to conclusions all day long. And if we do that, it is a big certainty that those will be incorrect.