I was at an event recently where I heard some people chat about their lives, their work, and just a lot of personal stuff. Knowing this group and how they knew each other, I thought that the information that was talked about was a bit personal for someone else to know.

Modeling has the issue with when during or setting up a shoot. You talk. You talk about the shoot and while the shoot is going on, you talk. The thing is, what should you talk about and what should you not talk about? How personal can you get? I think that when the rapport is there, you can talk about a lot of things. But starting out, there should not be the data dumping of your life story to someone who you barely know.

Another time I was at an event and the topics that you normally steer clear of came up. Itr was one of those awkward moments where you wanted to say something but then you really wanted to keep your mouth shut. I didn’t want more of my personal information coming out to people who might twist it into how I would be in other situations.

Models need to learn that there can be too much information shared with someone and that a rapport needs to be established before more information is leaked.