There was a time when I was shooting when I noticed that the photog was watching the clock more than he was paying attention to what to what he was doing. This happens more and more frequently when people are double booked. This is not the only profession that watches the clock either. Doctors and other facilities just watch the clock to make sure that the time is paid for. I understand that but, instances happen when people run late. Cars to have a tendency o break down. The way this is communicated is the way that it can either make or break you.

I try to make sure that my assignments are very well communicated. I want people to know what is going on and you know what happens when you assume? Things get assumed that are wrong. This is one big reason that I have both parties sign off on the booking outline. No one would have any changes to be made by that time. It is time to make sure of the time that is allotted but, not let the clock dictate the day. Unless it has to.