I once had a friend who was there for everything. She was the person that I thought would be perfect to star in Beaches with me as the long life friend that would be there till we both died. That is never the case anymore. People are more distant. They talk by email, skype, or messenger. I am not sure where the hand written letter went to but, I really thought they were cool.

Some people come around all of the time and you hope that they are doing well. Others come around usually when they are needing something. This can be anything from attention to money. The question comes to mind on when to cut ties with someone who is toxic to you? Or is no longer needed?

I find that friendship is a two way street. I am not the type of person who can reach out to everyone who I am friends with on social media. I would never sleep. I find that people don’t want to work at the friendships as much as they used to. You used to have that argument and then a few weeks later pick up where you left off. Now I find that friendships are terminated just because of one disagreement. This to me is sad. You want that core group of friends who would be there for you through thick and thin.

Watching the Hurricane Harvey coverage, I watch as several groups of people come and help out their neighbors and their friends get through the immeasurable flooding. I remind myself of when I went thought the food of 2009 and that the whole house needed to be gutted. You watch your possessions float or just be covered in the mud. You are wondering if you can save them
Cutting the ties seems so permanent and final. You never know with the history of the friendship on what memories could have happened if you would have maybe not been as aggressive or sensitive. I am not saying that you have to change yourself for anyone else. Only you can make those decisions. Just once you are done ad have cut those ties. You might feel a sense of relief, you might have a sense of regret.