Thank you emails and notes to go out. Regardless of what business you are in, these are really a staple that everyone needs to have. I mean someone took the time to work with you. That is not a given. You are not always the look that they are even wanting. So take it is a gift.

Run to the PO Box to get the mail. Have to somewhat keep current on what is going on outside of my own drama. It is better to see and read about all of the reality shows than be in the reality hell of a situation. One thing that I learned is that everyone has a story. And there are facts, lies, and perceptions. What you do with all of the information is always interesting.

Time to get back to the calendar and networking. Posting and tweeting. I can only allow myself so much time before my eyes go cross eyed. I used to want to be so connected. The messages and the posts responses were awesome and it meant that I was on it…especially when it was like seconds since they posted their response. I now know that they are online too much and so was I. I had to break that cycle and actually learn to turn it off at night. Too many headaches were started from me thinking on what to say and do next.

Another day to challenge.