I have had a few models contact me lately. I guess that is a good thing as I do own a modeling mentoring business. I just don’t understand the issues that some of them face. They are not thinking things through. They want. They want the paying shoots. They want the published images. They want the fans. They want a lot. They don’t get it that it usually does not happen until you do the work to get there.

There are a lot of pretty faces. People pose in front of the camera, it usually starts as being a selfie, and then they think that they are models. To some of us who have been in the industry for some time, it is quite annoying. The thing that I have found out is that there is not someone who wants to do the work. As it is just that, work. Getting the emails, calls, and messages in order is work. Making sure you have modeling releases is work. Making sure you are doing some of the marketing is work.

Create a filing system, make the calendar a modeling calendar. Make sure you are touching into your modeling business weekly to see what avenues or new connections that you can make. It is time to get away from the silver spoon.