In all of the years of modeling, it is one of the most posed questions but, it is not investigated enough. Most images are not even supposed to be used for the promotion of the model. It needs to be written in the modeling release and also the modeling contract on where the images are going and how they can be used. There also should be a small line of that a model should not be editing or using those annoying filters on the work of a photographer.

Please talk with your agent, photographer or anyone who has the vested interest in the images to where they can and can NOT be used. The last thing that you want to find out is that your image was used or sold to someone that you were unaware of. Or that you were now due some compensation and it will take some time and energy to get that information. The main copyright of images will remain with the photographer. Get copies of all paperwork from your shoot and file it. Keep it for as long as you plan to use those images. Better to get permission than get a lawsuit later for misuse!