Two weeks in of a lot of work and several shoots down. Another day to take a deep breath and rest.  Turn off the phones, computer, and any other thing that can ping to tell me what I am missing. I once had too many conversations that I got super confused on which date was booked or where my car needed to be pointed.

Two planners were being used at the time and now there is only one. I can only have so much white out needed in a month. Post its are always used as well. You never know what can come up with a schedule. Nothing but weddings and funerals are ever in concrete.

I am not one to hang by a lake but, if someone has a boat, I would be happy to go out on it and lounge around. It is nice to unplug and relax. Just to take in what a “normal” day in the life could be. Not having to be in designer clothes, in heels, and in front of a camera. Lounge pants and top…. And flip flops would suit me for today.

One more day down and then back to the grind, right?