I am sure that over the past few months you have had to block, delete, or just let go of people that were toxic in your environment. Whether you are changing jobs, your location, or just your beliefs, it has happened.  To most of us it would have happened whether the newest current events triggered them or not. I found in my social media memories on how many people that I had to let go of. I guess that is an adult thing as you are able to let go and not look back to people who you just don’t think fit into your circle anymore.

I had one friend who I had known since high school. He was a nomad and we never really agreed on things but, I guess it was always kind of nice that I knew that we had been friends for over twenty something years. I also have another who was introduced to me by another friend who had been coming out to trivia with us back in the day.  Both of them I have not spoken to in months. I actually blocked one and then just ignored the other. I had heard an “I’m sorry” from the one who just basically make a mockery of a situation but, to me it just didn’t mean very much. I think that it was basically said to be said but, really… meant very little.

I think that when you decide to finally let go, you really just need to let go. Delete that number from your phone, delete the emails, and trash the screen shots.  Clean slate your time and go make some new friends who can be in your new circle.