I guess that everything happens for a reason. Right? You have these instances where you just wonder on what is going on and how things happen. If you had made that other decision, would you be in the same position that you need to be in? I had a meeting with a potential client and it was very insightful as to how they pictured their new employee to be. It wasn’t over the top expectations but, it was very transparent. I find this eye opening as I left a position myself that I thought was very transparent and they ended up being as clear as mud.

The drama was highly toxic and the gossip was something that should have been on one of those reality shows. I have never been so relived to leave in my life. And then the next opportunity fell into my lap.

The connections that you have are very important. I feel that when you make those, they can either last for a brief moment or they can last for a lifetime. In modeling it is no different than in the “real” world. You can break and burn bridges just as fast.  Finding and making rapport is always something that is a value to your modeling business.

Learning to work with a new photographer is always hard but, if you can continue to work with them and you both grow your craft. It can only help benefit you both.