If you know me, you know that I could have a different purse for about every occasion. They range from the basic clutch to the ones with glitter and water within the walls of them.  It is kind of a downfall of mine that I find the ones that fit the outfit and then they just seem to multiply. I packed some of them away and then found out that I needed them. That was such an issue as it would take now DAYS and maybe even weeks to drag through things and find the ones that I would be looking for, so I would just find newer ones and get those into rotation.

I also have two phones if not more. I find it crazy as to people who pay so much money for their phones. As much as I would love to have one, I just drop mine way too much to have it be worth as much as most of them are. I try to keep them separate from each other as one of for my close friends and then one of for my modeling and boot camp work. I think that it is always important to keep them separate as when they intertwine and most families don’t agree with the modeling that is being done, it can get a little messy. Also if you have that random drunk text that is sent out, you need to send that to a friend and not to a business colleague.

My planner right now is my bible. I love it… I have already bought mine to be using for 2022. I tend to highlight, put stickers, and various colors of ink in them to make it through the year. It used to be that I would get close to August and then forget to update things or just throw it away as I had a planner for work and then one for modeling.  I have made it almost a few months through this one so, I am psyched!  I am trying to figure out my summer and fall assignments. I know that with the vaccine, that will help out some but, of course things can change. If you are interested in booking me for an upcoming assignment, please let me know so I can send you a booking outline.