I have rants. I know that most people do especially with the life of social media. The worst thing that I have had to deal with lately is the fact that I had a person who messaged me with just rude messages and his own naked pictures. I about threw up!  It was the most annoying thing as I just did not want to be mean to someone but, really? Is this the best way you think to get attention? I think that there is a better way to communicate!

The other thing was that I had been asked from a fellow photog about my current situation in modeling. Granted I had been taking some time off to take care of the medical issues at hand. It really ended up badly and I ended up unfriending him. To me he was not acting like a friend should act. His definition and mine were quite different.

To me there are times that where people can get into arguments and debates and then go back to normal. Whatever that may be. Other times it is really good to get then out of the picture and be done with them. Time for them to get off of my page!