Do you ever have that moment when you just want to figure it all out? You have that issue that you want to go away or to solve but, you are not sure on how to get it done? I find that this happens a lot with modeling. You have a shoot concept that you are looking to do but, then you have all of these pieces to get in place for the shoot to happen. It is a vicious cycle as you try to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Also that there are not those last minute additions that come into play.

My advice to you is to make a written plan. Make sure that you have gotten in touch with everyone who would be involved. It is the worst thing when you are adding someone late in the game and have to catch them up to speed. This way you are all in the planning stages at one time. The more you plan and communicate the better off you will be. This way you can figure it all out together and not have soo much of a burden on one person to make it all happen.