Loyalty. There is something to be said about being loyal. I have had people attack my character and ask on why I did certain things. It honestly annoys me when someone wants to argue a point where neither of us will ever agree. In the end it seems like you need to agree to disagree. Hitting the reply button on that text, message, or call just would cause the raising of voices that would go on endlessly.

Last year I had to cut the toxic people that I felt were inferior out of my circle. It was a move that made me have some clarity and sanity. I have been to events where these people have been at but, I have maintained on what I call the end my resolve to the situations that occurred in the first place. The silence to be from these people has been bliss. I don’t have to argue a point. I don’t have to defend my position. I just go along with my day and don’t have to worry about being judged. Enjoying the silence.