I recently had to help assist in planning an event and I was told that things that I had asked to be taken care of were not their job.  Logistics, planning, and ordering is everyone’s job. Following up is everyone’s job. Making the calls, emails, and messages, that again is everyone’s job. When you are saying that it is not your job, you are such a deflector to make it someone else’s responsibility.

Then when you make a big deal that you have taken one for the team.  Are you really taking one for the team or are you just looking for praise for something that you would have gotten if you would have just done what you were supposed to do in the first place?

It will be interesting later for other events if these same people get hired for new events. The only reason I would get them back would be if I was desperate. I need team players to be a part of these events. If you have that team player attitude, I would love to hear from you!