Day 4 – Preparation for a shoot. OMG. I feel like I am packing for the apocalypse. From the clothes, makeup, and then the shoes. I am again wondering if I would be wearing all of this or not. It would not surprise me if I only did an edit on how many less clothes I would need to bring. I know now why people have stylists as they need them. For who can carry all of this stuff?

I also hope that my cats are not going to have a field day when they have all of this stuff laying out. One thing that I am not hoping for is extra holes in garments!

I had to ask a new photographer a query and I am hoping that I was being polite. I am not a smoker. I am fine with people who do but, when it comes to some of my garments, they are a pain and costly to get dry cleaned if they are around a lot of smoke. I honestly don’t like the smell and it seems to track itself onto everything at a shoot. Just something that I had to ask. Might just be me but, just the way I run my modeling business.