When I usually get a message from a photographer or model, I usually have to ask what the conversation started with. It usually is a dicey situation that neither party really knows on how to get out of. It is a funny concept that things are done more on imagination and changed on the dime than really thought through. Concrete plans just seem to have gone out the window.

I usually try to think about what I say or type to another person. I guess I have to try to think about he person who is on the receiving end of things. Having a thought and then saying to someone, you never know on how it will be received. They might have had an instance where you don’t know that they had a situation similar or one that they would rather run from. I just had someone come into my cubicle and tell me something that to me was just odd. I was like “ sorry but, I really just don’t care.” It is the way the world works. Guess it is time to get serious. 