I am pretty ambitious I won’t lie. I like to get out there and get things done. It is just what I do. I hate being still but, then I do like to take at least one day a month and do nothing. The instances that have occurred in the last few weeks have been one of those making a judgement call.

When someone is almost breaking the law but, not exactly, you have to wonder on who to tell and what the repercussions would be. I find myself in the mist of high school gossip. Not the kind anyone would wish back upon someone as those can be the best or most painful years growing up. I end up telling things like it is. There is no icing on it as this is not a cupcake conversation. You have to make those choices on where you want to go and where you want to end up.

The choice to tell was an easy one. Not just because of the age thing but, because that I wanted upper management to take more responsibility for their actions. I heard that they would take care of it. No follow up on my end, just an out of mind out of sight example of things. I would wish them well. I wanted to. I just don’t see how this can be the accepted norm. But for once…it was time to tell.