I had a medical episode over a month ago. I landed in the ER and was scared. I have to admit that no one wants to be in a hospital. Never mind the cost of the bill that I knew was coming my way. I just wasn’t sure what was going on. The ride in the ambulance was scary enough. My blood pressure was almost stroke level… or was it. I heard the numbers that they had called in. I knew that if I had been driven there, I would have been spared the expense but, then I also knew coming in on an ambulance that I would be seen much faster.

The guys at the fire station were nice as could be. I am sure that they have seen about everything. When I had said that I could not get my blood pressure down, the took it again after I thought that I was calmed down some and it had just gotten higher. They were concerned.

I have been to various specialists and doctors. I am not sure even really what it was to have caused it. It might have been that we were awaiting some very severe weather. I am freaked out about tornadoes. I have been in a couple and then been in a fire and a flood. I am over the natural disasters. We did have two warnings that week. That might have been it but, again not sure. I keep going to get things checked out as I am not 100% better. I am working on it. For now, it will be the medical mystery.