Woke up this morning with a headache. Not sure why. Not that I went out last night.  I was in bed close to 9 pm. I thought that today would be a busy day. I knew it might not end up that way. Time to get back to the networking grind. I hope to have some new images up sometime soon.

The first few messages that I get are the ones that I enjoy. I can’t say that models don’t flirt back with fans and even with photographers. It happens. Everyone needs a good ego boost here and there right? Just as long as the intentions are clear. Also, that the actions are not followed into.

I had a friend who was a model and then started to date a photographer. That I knew was not going to end up well. She got jealous of all of the models he worked with. It was a debate on every shoot and always ended in an argument. Just seemed pointless at times.

Let’s see how many times I have to use white out to get a shoot actually booked. Also, to see if a photographer can actually fill out a booking outline. You would think that it would be easy but, then you never know who is serious and who is not.