Nails, hair, tanning, and what else do you have to do to get ready for life in the day of a model? Make sure your phone is charged. Trying to keep up with text messages is always fun when your screen is half working when you really should have it on battery saver.

I actually had to invest more in the technology in getting the modeling business for me where I wanted it. I did not want everyone to text me on the one number so I had to get another one just for that. Means I would be able to turn that off and only have to listen to the actual close family and friends who I had decided would have that one treasured number.

Finding the time management strategy for booking, life, and then having the social life is a crazy thing. I was at one point having about 3 -5 hours of sleep at a time. I would wake up, post, email, and then go back to bed. Only to start this crazy trend like clockwork. Every buzz of a phone made me feel like I was missing something. But then I realized on who was messaging me and who was not. Makes you also realize who your true friends are.