I read a post on where he said he was not a photographer. However his image was him behind a camera and looking like he was taking a picture. Just being in front of a camera does not make you a model. There is a lot that goes into making a modeling shoot work. There is the scheduling, the planning, and the location, the networking to make sure that all of the facets are covered if there are stylists that are needed, there is marketing, and there is a ton of steps to make it all happen. And when there is one that is not done, then the whole shoot can fail.

I guess the interesting thing was that when or what is the definition of the model and the photographer? What makes one a professional and one an amateur? Is it based by the experience? Is it based by who the client is? Clarification on the roles when this is being planned in the beginning is always great to know. You know what role you need to play and what tasks need to be accomplished. Regardless of your definition, your role, you can make your task by definition your own.