For some reason there is some stigma that modeling is very easy. All you have to do is have a pretty face and show up for your shoot. Your pictures are taken and then you move on to the next assignment. That is hardly the case. For the next few journal entries, it will be in the life of. Maybe not spot onto what is going on in my actual world but, I am sure that it might be true for another model.

Waking up early and checking my banking accounts. I am trying to figure out my next tour and how to make sure that I have my flights, car, and other expenses covered. Last thing I need is to have a shoot bail on me and then I am stuck.

Emailing out booking outlines to those who have inquired. I am hoping to be working with some new talent. The ones that I had gotten recently were ones that I was not sure if they knew what they were doing but, then I have to remember that everyone started out somewhere.

Time to get some networking on – onto the modeling portfolio sites to see what castings are going on.

Then some time to the FB groups to see again who is looking for models and who would I work with next?

Corresponding back to inquiries that might go into something. You would think that a simple booking outline would not phase people but, for some people it does. Makes me really know who is in it for the pictures and who is more of a hobbyist.

Time to get some sleep from staring at a computer or phone all day. No wonder my eyes get tired.