If you are passionate for what you do or for what you stand for, there are a lot of emotions that go with that. It is one of the few things that can rile someone up and make them really go after someone or something. I became passionate about modeling back in the day when images were on film. Social media was hardly a thing. The networking was on websites and on forums. It was more local.

I find that some who claim that they are professionals really are more hobbyists. They like being in front of or behind the camera. They don’t put much effort into it. They would never make it into a full time or full-fledged business. It would take too much effort.

I wish that more models and photographers would be more passionate about their craft. There are a lot of people who are out there trying to learn, network, and create some amazing images. Then you have those who just throw things together and it does look like they just threw things together. If people could figure that their images meant something, even if it was something simple. Could make it more amazing.  It could be if you are passionate.