The life of a model is never boring. I have to give you that much. I tend to have my phone pinging with social media, texts, and emails constantly. I don’t think that I would have it any other way though. My crew as I would call them have always been the core of my sanity. They know when it is time to unplug and relax. I am hoping to get by a pool this summer at least once a week.

I guess to a fault I don’t throw any assignment in at a last minute thing. I want things planned out as there is an end result. You just don’t hop into a rental car without checking that it has gas, oil, and that the tires are inflated. You have to have that planning involved. I probably make it more complex than it needed to be but, I would rather be over prepared than under.

The other thing is that you really have to pick your battles. You can have a situation that eats you alive before you realize it. You have to figure it out and figure out what solution might make you happy. That can be complex and not simple.