I had an instance a few weeks ago where it was I felt like me against the world. I was not sure on why I was being questioned and slammed. I was giving my opinion and it rubbed some people the wrong way. I tried to go back to it tactfully but, that was not the response that I thought I would get. We ended up blocking each other and moving on.

On the internet, we seem to find that there are “keyboard warriors” out there. And it is not because they want necessarily start things. They just want to say their piece and not have someone come back to them and tell them a different side of the story. I guess this is where the cyber bullying comes in? I am not sure.

We have lost some of that compassion that we had. With an impending hurricane, I see more and more post about people trying to assist others in the wake of what could be a catastrophic event. I would hope that even without an event that would be so devastating, people would try to be again compassionate to each other.