Have you ever had that Thelma and Louise moment when you do something that you know would possibly scar you for life? Have you thought about how much of a rush it would be to try something that you thought that you would never do even if you were drunk? I have to admit, that 2018 will be that kind of a year. I have a few new plans that would be amazing if they happen but, then again not sure if they would be something that I would be able to live to tell about.

With the prospect of the nuclear war that seems to be on the news every day, almost like the time when the Y2K news was on and everyone was getting their bunker ready. I think that more people are feeling the sense of entitlement. This is not just a millennial thing. I almost want to say that this is a modeling thing. Some of the models and photographers that I have run into just want to be handed and given EVERYTHING. They want to have the highest paying shoots but, they don’t want to work to make the shoot happen. Planning is not an option as that would take time out of their social calendar.

I guess when you get the keys to the new Mercedes at graduation or when you turn 16, changes you. It is the age of playing it safe. It is not the time that you see people taking those risks. That would be hard for them to do as YOLO was gone as soon as it came.

Modeling is not the industry that you are going to be handed things. Yes, you might be pretty but, then so is everyone else around you. There is a thing called a personality. Some have it and some do not. Now what you want to leave as a legacy and a memory should be something that you can ponder over and make your move. And then you can figure out if you are going to jump off the cliff head first with or without the parachute.