I laugh when I think of all of the “modelish” things that we do. The things that we do, before, during, and after shoots. It is at sometimes comical. You wonder how we ever learned our lessons. You would almost think that most models had to have a secret identity as they were one person when they are modeling and then they are another when they are going through the normal day to day routine.

I guess the funny thing is that with every shoot that you have you can start to get that rapport with the client, company, or photographer. Sometimes you don’t click and other times it is like you were the best of friends for years. Photographers to me a like elephants. They remember everything. They know how you work and what was said before and after the shoot. Sometimes this is when I and others have put our foot in our mouths. This is when I believe that a clean slate would be awesome.

I am not saying forget what happened as we all need to learn lessons but, I do believe that there is a time when certain things need to be forgiven and time to move on. This to see if there is anything that can be salvaged from the business relationship. We all started out somewhere. And we all sometimes just need a clean slate to start out again with.