It happens everywhere you go. It may not come across as being the constructive critique but it is meant to be. I am not sure where the saying of “being butt hurt” came from but, it is one of those things that seems to always go into correlation with each other. We tend to do things one way either because we have been trained to do them the one way or we refuse to change to meet new expectations.

I have worked with a bunch of people whom I have thrown some new ideas to. After throwing them to them, I have gotten the feedback that they feel like this is a personal attack to them. It is not a personal attack. If it was, it would have been more concise on personality traits. This is how they do their work and they work with others. Or in this case, how they do not want to work with others.

It is nice to get new ideas on how we can do things as a team and learn the new processes to implement them as a team. This is not easy by any means. People like to be complacent.  Why change something if you don’t have to? Even if it would help you in the end make yourself more time efficient?