There used to be a character that was named Gumby. It was a flat, flexible character.  I find that some people today want you to bend like Gumby.  They will want you to bend how you do things to do them their way regardless of if they know why they are doing them that way.

Some people really can’t bend. They can’t work with change or they will only do things one way. Change is a good thing. You may not like it. But it can enlighten you to be doing things in another way that you had not thought before.

I had someone who refused to fill out a booking outline. He said that since he only did photography as a hobby, he did not feel like he needed to conform to my means on how I ran my modeling business. I have not worked with him and am not sure I would ever work with him as he has shown to me that he does not want to bend and help me work with the flow on how I do business. I want to be flexible but I don’t think I need to bend for this. If you bend too much and too often, you will come to a breaking point, right?